Ghyll Scrambling / Canyoning


Our canyoning trips give our customers the opportunity to challenge themselves whilst experiencing adventure and adrenaline by the bucket load!

With our Canyoning trips, you will scramble up and over rocks, sometimes using ropes to get up the more challenging sections.  If you encounter branches, your instructor may suggest that you to squeeze yourself under them.  There will be little water challenges along the way, as you scramble up the waterfalls.  Then as you descend, this is when the adrenalin will really start to kick in, as you are given the opportunity to jump off some high rocks and plunge into deep rock pools.  This activity is definitely for the thrill seekers out there!

If the conditions are right you might also get the opportunity to ascend and descend rock faces with ropes whilst the water rushes over you. Our instructors know these waterfalls like the back of their hands and will guide and support you throughout the session. There is absolutely no doubt you will leave this activity feeling invigorated and soaking wet.

We suggest that this activity is for those of reasonable fitness levels and would feel comfortable jumping from height into water.  We also offer a more full on Canyoning day trip.  This is set in a much more remote location, that requires an approximate hours walk to the waterfall and an hour back.  This day trip requires a certain level of fitness, due to the amount of walking and scrambling required over a 6 hour period.  

Ghyll Scrambling

Adventure North West doesn’t just observe the beauty of a waterfall from afar, we get in them!  Our Ghyll Scrambles are suitable for most fitness levels and we will do our very best to tailor the session to your specific group. 

Our Ghyll Scrambles involve, scrambling up and over rocks and sometimes under branches.  We also include some little water based challenges along the way.  Get ready to get wet, as nothing quite prepares you for the cold fast waterfall falling down upon your head (wetsuits are provided).  There may also be opportunity to do some small jumps into rock pools (weather dependent).  Ropes are sometimes used to assist you with some more challenging sections of the scramble. 

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Great day out for all...
Anna-marie Thorn 

Had a great day of team building and outdoor activities over the bank holiday weekend. Great business!
Hazi Max

Super fun day cant wait to do another, friendly staff and good quality equipment.
Jason Noblet

Fantastic sunny day canyoning. Very relaxing and hilarious!
Maddie Fitzpatrick

Never tried canyoning before today, will definitely do it again. Tim was great fun and we all had a good time!
Gwen Fitzpatrick

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